All products on the extensive CCC product list were re-assessed on 1st January 2018 with latest manufacturer’s safety information/usage guides being obtained and new COSHH Risk Assessments prepared. Where manufacturers/suppliers advise of changes to the safety information, revised COSHH Risk Assessments are uploaded here on an ad-hoc basis. The next global re-assessment will be in January 2020. The ‘Safety Data Sheets’ upon which we base our Risk Assessments are available on the Jangro Website:

All Core Products

CORE01-SJS  Pine Floor Gel (BD050-5)

Data Sheet 1/8/17

CORE02-SJS  Hard Surface Cleaner (BA001-5)

Data Sheet 1/8/17

CORE04-SJS  Luxury Polish (BG046)

Data Sheet 5/7/17

CORE05-SJS  Telephone Sanitiser (BA049-75)

Data Sheet 8/11/16

CORE06-SJS  Perfumed Toilet Cleaner (BC040-1)

Data Sheet 1/8/17

CORE07-SJS  Cream Cleaner (BB050-50)

Not Avail

Data Sheet 26/6/15

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